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Before I begin some points. I fully believe that God speaks in our lives, but I feel the following needs to be written

One day the Lord spoke, "you are all going to be in the computer field." Then only we knew that computer is the right field for us.

Very generic statements like the above are incorrect, How did the Lord speak to you

The preacher was sis. Priscilla Dhairium (Jesus calls evangelist). After the convention we went to meet her. She prayed over me and told, "You will start your first job with high salary."

It is very sad that a preacher should speak such a generic word similar to those spoken by roadside fortune tellers with a parrot, In fact the word You is a very complex pronoun, it may mean singular also plural, so it cam mean for all the people in the hall (from grandpa to great grandma to grand child) . A real evangelist has to give spiritual counsel and is not a job coordinator, if she had told like this it is unfair and I am sorry to say this statement can be told to a believer also to an unbeliever, and it doesnt need a great evangelist for fortune telling.

Came home the evening phone call came saying, "you need not to come for work from tomorrow onwards." I began to think why? why? it was so then only I remembered the prophecy spoken few months back by sis. Priscilla, "you will start your first job with high salary." . Then only I knew that I joined the wrong job, which was not intended for me. When we fail to hear from God and take a wrong step with our own thinking it could end up in failure.

Why a fat salary what about the verse Blessed are the poor. This is an extraordinary explanation may be the prophecy was wrong, anyway you had started on a job without a high salary

When it happened I seriously prayed and asked the Lord what to do. The Lord said, do not hunt for job but learn HTML (Hypertext Markup Language).. When I found out that I know HTML very well I asked God, "now what."

Sister please do not tell that such a specific statement that "HTML language God told you", you know sometimes we think and decide that God had spoken to us.

The Lord said, "find a job but not less than $20.00 per hour salary."

What is so great about a $20.00 hr salary, and why the cut-off, Great missionaries have worked in India in poverty, Poverty of the material things didnt affect their spiritual strength

Unless and until you hear from God you cannot succeed in your life. Unless and until you know what ministry you are going to do your ministry will stay as fruitless ministry. The funny thing is God does not reveal all the things at once. First He gives an outline what the ministry would be. Then He speaks few things what next you've to do. When you follow it and are able to do it then only God reveals the next mission.

OK what is meant by success how do we measure success, let me tell you of a young man, He was young and unmarried, He didnt publish even a single Book, He was a good man, He was poor, didnt even have a square inch of land, People abused him His friends abandoned him, He cried, God where are you when he died, was he a failure,?

there was another old man, he travelled a lot, His associates told that he was hopeless, He didnt even remember the names of the people he had baptized, he had so many silly young people whom he had to train, one fellow was always afraid, another had a bad stomach and one more fellow ran away in the middle of travel, he was in danger always, beaten times without number, stoned thrice was he a failure or a success? Can we say that danger, trouble, pain means we are not in Gods Will?

this progressive revelation is not biblical infact when Moses began to build the tabernacle the whole plan was revealed to him at one Go,

If you are constantly listening His voice then only you can walk according to His will.

There was an young man, he was put in a place as bonded labour and from there on a trumped out case he was put in prison for attempting to damage the modesty of a good wife (!), will he flourish, but he did, was he in the will of God How do you explain that ?

Sister please tell all Christians in India to be ready to suffer for Christ, to be beaten and pulped and to give their lives both as a living and also as a burnt offering for Christ, and sing for joy when beaten and when the rules are broken and their properties are stolen, to love, to forgive, to live, to sing, and to die with joy and faith in Jesus, the time has come for that, we see the same beginning in Rajasthan, Gujarat etc

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